For every prospective client we ask that you fill out this discovery form. Every business is different and the investment for one niche may be greater or lesser than that for another. We need as much information about your business as we can get because it all contributes to how effective SEO will be, to do our research effectively and to create a customized analysis video and proposal for you.

We’re a little picky about our Search Engine Optimization clients.

Our methods have ranked clients sites highly on Google and we bring that expertise to each client we do business with. However, we do have a simple yet selective set of requirements that need to be met before we can take on a client. We limit the number of clients we service at one time so we can devote that time specifically to you.

Our clients need to have:

1. An established business with a good track record. Our services are geared to those companies that want the additional boost that search engine optimization can bring.

We do not work with:

Multi-level marketing
Pornographic Sites
Start Up Businesses

2. An existing stream of customers and/or leads. Your website should already be getting traffic and your business is already making sales. You should currently be doing some advertising or promotion. We don’t necessarily need you to be a instantly recognizable brand name, just that you are established in your market.

3. A sound product of good value and a favorable business reputation. What we will accomplish together will result not only in increased sales and a bigger bottom line but also in ENORMOUS positive sentiment within your community.

C’est tout! That’s all we need!

If your company fits our criteria and you want to pursue what will be a great relationship with unbelievable returns, we’ll be glad to schedule time to speak with you about your needs. Our procedure works like this: We need you to first fill out our discovery form.

It’s easy but vital to understanding your needs. We want to know what your business sells and what your goals are. We’ll scour your answers, your business methods and marketing and deliver a unique-to-your-business plan to expand your bottom line. It’s what we’ve done to rank our current clients. Our first conversation will last about an hour (or less).

Discovery Form

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