Burbank SEO Experts provides the following services, each is designed to boost your authority and visibility online. For more information, please drop us a line or call at 818-237-5445.

Search engine marketing / Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or search engine marketing, very simply, is the process of ranking a website or other property (video, social media page, online review, etc.) a the top of the search engine results page. Competition can be high for many niches and it’s crucial your site and the sites linking to it contain the information necessary and correct to overtake your competitor in that top spot. We work like a physician, first diagnosing the situation and then creating a custom plan for your business. We can’t deliver a plan without detailed knowledge of your business so each project begins by filling out our SEO business information form. We’ll provide a free video analysis of your situation and let you know costs and time to achieve results. We are results-based and don’t sell you a cookie-cutter plan that doesn’t deliver.

Video Marketing

Video is going to be part of any search marketing campaign and setup and optimization of your YouTube channel is part of that. However, for those wishing to quickly setup a presence on YouTube (a member of the Google family) we can create a YouTube channel linked to your business/website. We’ll verify the channel with YouTube, optimize the channel and provide a fully-optimized video for you to use in marketing. Note that we do recommend creating a series of videos for your company because it’s another indicator to YouTube (and Google) that yours is a serious, professional business. Multiple videos enable your videos to show in the “up next” column on YouTube, providing additional “authority” and helping your channel to compete in the video marketplace.

With both SEO and YouTube video promotion you’ll have a two-pronged approach to greater visibility online. Both you website and your video(s) can rank on Google providing multiple listings on the first page and beating your competitors.

Online Review Videos

With our ready-to-go review videos we can give your business a professional spokesperson to deliver the message (your customer testimonials) that your business stands out among your competitors. Conversion rates (sales) really do skyrocket when visitors view videos and videos with testimonials are a key factor in establishing trust in a company. For more information, click here.