Video Marketing in Burbank, Los Angeles and Beyond

What is video marketing? You know the value of having your website appearing at the top of page one of Google’s search results, but did you know you can do the same thing with video? In many cases, ranking a video on Google is even better. Videos which rank highly on Google (and YouTube as well) convert up to 400% more than a plain text search result. YouTube is a Google property and Google loves to promote its own products, including its YouTube videos. That means your YouTube video has an even better chance of appearing on page one than, say, your website alone.

Videos in Google’s search results all contain a “thumbnail” image (a small image taken from the video). The searcher’s eye is of course drawn to this image. Even if the video is not in the number one spot, it’s just so visible that people can’t help but notice it. Again, this translates to traffic and clicks and increased business.

What Kind of Video?

We work with all different kinds of businesses to determine what kind of video they need to best promote their business. Regardless of the topic, the video must be engaging, informative and professionally produced. Some businesses need unique videos specifically tailored to their niche. Others may opt for a generic “review” video with contact information. In each case, however, video brings “instant credibility” to the company that uses them.

Why Video?

Video is perceived as something of a luxury item. Consciously or subconsciously it tells the viewer that this company is willing to invest in professionally produced video and by inference the company appears more successful or simply better than its competition. Videos on page one of Google convert up to 400% more than plain text listings. Studies also show that video when used on a website, (e.g., for e-commerce, a landing page for email capture, etc.) 78% of visitors are more likely to make a purchase than without the use of video

Burbank search engine optimization video marketing

Video is also less expensive to rank than a website. Depending on the niche a business is in and the competition for the keywords people are search for, performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on a website does take a significant amount of time and money. For many companies this is well worth the effort and they see the results of increased traffic to their website. However, if you’re a small business that needs exposure online to increase sales, but have a more limited budget, performing SEO on a video can be done for a fraction of the cost and can yield the same benefits.

What does it cost? Take a look at our video pricing page for complete information.