1) “Standalone” local review videos

By far our most popular option. These are high-quality videos with a professional spokesperson. We add your business information (Company name, address, phone, website and in some cases your company logo). We deliver these to you for use anywhere (website, for upload to your YouTube Channel, etc.) Use them wherever you wish, whenever you wish! Simply provide us one of your customers’ testimonials, your company name, address, phone number and website. Choose from our list of local business niches.

$125 per video, “12 pack” 12 videos, $1000
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Add custom background (high resolution image 1280 x 720 pixels minimum): $50

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Sample Review Video:

2) YouTube Channel Creation

Don’t have a YouTube channel? No problem. We can create one for you!


3) YouTube channel optimization

Even if you have a YouTube channel, odds are it’s not optimized. Why do some videos rank well while others never seem to get any traction, views or likes? The channel itself must be optimized just like a website. An optimized channel sends signals to Google that you’re serious about your channel. That’s one less hurdle to be overcome if you want to rank your videos. We will add channel art to your channel, add links to your website and social media, and optimize your channels advanced settings. We’ll associate your website with your channel so you’ll be able to link from your videos to your website, too!


4) Video Optimization

And just like your channel, each video in that channel needs to be optimized with appropriate and effective search terms. We’ll perform keyword research and determine which main keyword and supplementary keywords will be best. For local businesses, your location is going to be vital too and that needs to be included. We optimize the a) video title, b) video description, c) closed captions, d) YouTube tags, e) add end screens to videos (to link to your website [to get clicks] and/or to your other videos or playlists).


5) Video Promotion

A video will not rank highly on Google (or YouTube for that matter) if nothing is done to promote it. By promotion we mean adding to the number of views, social shares and embeds on high authority websites. All of these are signals to Google that your video is “popular” and “relevant.” Google wan’t to serve up the most relevant content to searchers. The more relevance your video has, the more likely it is to show up in YouTube and Google search results. We don’t throw a huge amount of resources at your video all at once. That would appear to Google like we’re trying to game the system. Therefore we add resources (views, embeds, shares) over time to look entirely natural to search engines.

$250-$300 per month (depending on niche)

6) Custom Videos

Sometimes you want or need something completely unique. Perhaps and interview with the company principals or a video tour of your facilities. Maybe you need to establish a unique brand identity. We can do it!

Cost: varies (give us a call or email us with your requirements)