Burbank SEO Experts Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Adding video marketing to your SEO efforts is a great idea. In fact it helps boost your organic rankings. We tell all our clients, if you’re going to engage in search engine optimization for your website you MUST have a YouTube channel (and at least one video). Why? YouTube is an extremely high domain authority site (and a Google property). By creating a YouTube channel and linking it to your website, you benefit from the authoritative link pointing to your website.

In addition, when done correctly, a video can rank by itself on Google for the keywords your customers are searching for. Wouldn’t you prefer to have your website AND your video appearing on page one? We also tell our clients that videos convert four times more than plain text search results. Why wouldn’t you add video to your marketing efforts?

We don’t just talk about it, we achieve it. Below are just a few examples of videos we’ve produced for clients and successfully ranked on page one of Google.

Personal Injury Attorney in Orange County

Kyle Scott is a personal injury lawyer with a practice in Orange County (Tustin) California. We were hired to produce a series of videos explaining the various aspects of his practice. One day after uploading the practice overview video to YouTube (optimized by Burbank SEO Experts, of course) the video appeared in the #5 position of YouTube. It surpassed hundreds of other videos with the same keywords. We continue to promote the video to improve its ranking even more.

personal injury attorney orange county youtube results

Engagement Ring/Diamond Merchant in Burbank, CA

Paul Albarian is a longtime Burbank businessman who deals in precious metals as well as custom engagement rings and diamonds. We were hired to produce and promote a video about his business. Once optimized and uploaded, the YouTube the video began to appear at the top of page one. In fact Google often puts videos in their own video section at or near the top of the page and our video was in that section. It’s currently occupying the number one spot. We are outranking hundreds of other listings for the search term “cheapest engagement rings in Burbank.”

cheapest engagement rings in burbank google results

Weight Loss Doctor in Burbank, CA

Dr. Alwin Lewis is well-known as the author of the weight loss book “Why Weight Around?” and the 5-Bite Diet it details. We produced a series of informational videos for Dr. Lewis about different aspects of the diet and uploaded these to his YouTube channel. After more than a year the video entitled “Why Weight Around” still maintains its number three position on YouTube as well as a page one listing on Google. The main Five Bite Diet video has garnered over 18,000 views on YouTube.

why weight around YouTube ranking
why weight around google ranking

Reputation Management Client in Burbank

A client hired us to do some reputation management for her—to promote positive articles about her and to push down negative ones. As of this writing we have 6 out of 10 listings on Google Page one, including one of the videos we created as well as the YouTube channel itself!

youtube video and channel on page one

If you want to achieve similar results and get more clicks, more customers and better brand recognition, contact Burbank SEO Experts today and let us help make video a part of your company’s marketing.