Michael Milauskas

Michael Milauskas, Burbank Search Engine Marketing Consultant

Mike got started in the Internet in the early 90s working at a branch of Philips Electronics. Following that he and business partner Alan Anderson formed F-Test LLC, a software testing company. Following that, Mike formed Jet Set Art and Design LLC in 2005 and developed websites for clients throughout the United States. Mike well knows that websites are only valuable if they’re seen and that search engine optimization is an absolute necessity these days. Google has recognized Mike as an AdWords certified professional, meaning that he’s passed multiple exams that assess his product expertise. He’s qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google AdWords. Click her to view Michael’s certifications from Google.

Kelley Tabor

Burbank search engine optimization project managerKelley Tabor is a Burbank native who has spent over two decades in the business world. He brings years of project management skills to the table. He’s worked with companies across the nation and in China. When not overseeing client projects he devotes time to his church and charities like the Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC).

Jon Lora

Burbank search engine optimization video director width=Jon Lora also calls Burbank home. Jon is a skilled video producer and cinematographer who’s worked with several companies creating commercial videos. Jon works directly with our commercial video clients to create compelling videos that can be used as standalone assets on a website or YouTube or which can be ranked on search engines. Jon’s work with our clients has resulted in thousands of YouTube views bringing increased brand awareness to the companies we work with.